I’m Maggie. Hi!

 So glad you’re here!

Photo by    Marc J. Franklin

I started making websites in 2011 helping my performer friends with their DIY sites and not realizing that I had found that I could offer something that so many artists desperately needed:

Help managing an online presence and learning to do it themselves.

I love helping people learn to manage their lives online and remove the overwhelm from their websites, email, and anything else that’s causing stress. And the best part?

I get to see my clients book work straight from their websites, build businesses, and change their lives by taking control of their online presence. By getting a website up and running. By taming an inbox that’s been making them nuts for years. It rocks.

Outside of this stuff, I live in NYC and am a performer myself (more on that here!), a passionate fighter for LGBTQIA+ equality, and obsessed with my dog (read: all dogs) and #blazerweather.