#1 - Make sure to read your agreement.

I have reserved space for your project in my schedule, and I’m so excited to get to work!  By meeting content deadlines, we are agreeing to a schedule for your website development so that we can get you up and running.

Please make sure you read your agreement to know when these deadlines are, and what happens if they’re not met.

If you have any questions, please let me know!



#2 - Put all content in our Shared Dropbox Folder 

Using our shared Dropbox folder keeps all of your content in one place and keeps us organized.  Please use the subfolders I’ve provided, and feel free to make your own if you want/need to organize further!

Please note that in order to keep your information organized, I unfortunately cannot accept content by email except when specifically requested.  



#3 - Be as specific as possible

If there are specific things you want, please feel free to ask for them!

When referring to content, it’s always best to use the file names, for example “Ragtime4.jpg” instead of “The Ragtime photo with the blue dress”.  

It makes total sense that you’d know exactly what photo that is -- you lived it and I'm jealous!

Since I didn’t get to be in that awesome production of Ragtime, I have to spend your valuable editing time going through and finding which photo you’re referencing.  It’s always safer just to use the file name right off the bat. 



#4 - Sharing Video

For all video we’re going to use on your site, I’ll need the link to it on either YouTube or Vimeo.  

I do not need the actual files themselves, and I actually won't use them at all!

All links can go into a PDF with a short description (like “Defying Gravity at 54 Below”) that I’ll then use to caption the video.  

If you don’t have the file already uploaded onto YouTube or Vimeo, you’ll want to do that so that it lives in your account and you have full control to edit or delete it whenever you’d like.



#5 - Types of files

Please make sure all files match these formats:


Please use original files and full size photos wherever possible as screenshots may not be usable.


COPY: PDF only

and remember for VIDEOS: links to YouTube/Vimeo only, copy/pasted into a PDF.

I do not need video files themselves!



Now you're ready to get started!

Head to our shared Dropbox folder (check your email for the link) and start getting everything in there! 

And remember to let me know when all is ready to go so I can get your draft going for you -- if I haven't heard from you by the due date I'll check in then. 

Talk soon!