How much will a new website cost?

It depends.

Websites vary widely and so do the associated costs, but I’d be happy to give you a no-pressure quote with a bit more info! You can get in touch here with a little more about what you’re looking for.

Websites for artists start at $650. Websites for small businesses start at $1000.

How long will a full design take?

Anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Your agreement will go into more detail about timelines, but it really depends on how quickly you are able to get your content together, how large the project is, and how much editing is required.

Most sites for artists launch within a month of the initial draft.

When can we start?

My next availability for full designs is mid-October 2019.

But! We can get the ball rolling before then and you can start gathering content.

Get in touch now if you’re interested in a full design in September!

What's the payment schedule for website designs?

50% deposit, 50% upon completion prior to launch

I take all payment through a secure online payment system - super easy!

What do we need to get started on my website?

A signed agreement, completed deposit, and all of your content

In order to give you the best new online home we can, I need to have all the building materials first. If you’re looking at getting new headshots, lifestyle photos, or anything else, we’ll need to hold off until that’s all ready to go.

I promise it will be worth the wait!

Will I be able to update it later?


I am passionate about giving artists the tools they need to manage their own online presence and provide updating instructions for the most important parts of your site.

If you don’t want to update on your own, I offer a super affordable monthly editing subscription program for artists called Maintain Your Magic.

I don't have a big budget. What can you do for me?

I completely understand being an artist on a budget. I also know that it's crucial that such an important part of your online presence be executed well and with your goals in mind, and that takes an investment.

If a full design isn't in your budget, I offer Signature Services that I've designed specifically for artists on a budget that are less than full designs. Check them out here!

What platforms are your websites on?

Primarily Squarespace, but also Wix by request.

I am a Squarespace Circle Member, and most of my new websites are done on Squarespace.

If you have a specific request to be on Wix, that’s certainly an option and I am recognized by Wix as a Wix Expert.

Make Your Own Magic templates are on Wix.

My Inbox is at like 12,000. Am I too far gone to help?

Nope! Let’s do it!

I haven't used Google Meet. Can we do FaceTime or Skype?

I stick to Google Meet.

It’s super reliable and easy-to-use, and there are great features we’ll be taking advantage of. You’ll be great, I promise!

How do you take payment?

For any 1:1 meetings, you’ll take care of payment when you schedule.

For site designs, I use a secure online payment system and you can complete payment by credit, debit, or bank transfer.