Apps & Productivity


This was a huge gamechanger in my productivity. 

I manage a whole bunch of email accounts, and being able to switch seamlessly between those and their associated Google Docs, Google Calendars, and other Google apps without logging out and in has been so awesome. 

You can add tons of different apps -- I have Slack, accounting software, scheduling programs and all sorts of things connected. 

For anyone who's trying to streamline their time and maximize their productivity, it's incredible! 


If you've ever scheduled anything with me, you've used Acuity! 

It's a fantastic scheduling program that allows you to set your own parameters, coupon codes, many different types of appointments, and basically anything else you might want or need. 

You can integrate payments, sync it with your calendars, and set your own availability.  

Passion Planner

Oh MAN do I love my Passion Planner. 

If you've been around me for 15 minutes, you've probably heard me talk about it! 

It's basically a goal-setter, planner, calendar, and notebook all in one. I would be lost without it.




Macbook Pro

For someone who does constant computer-based work, it's my favorite option. 

iPhone XR

Yup -- I'm a pretty Mac-centric lady. 

LEDgo Ring Light*

This is the light I use to film all of my videos.  It's easy to set up and comes with a case that keeps everything together when it's put away. It has great controls and brightness/temperature options. 

SunPak Tripod*

Pair this with the ring light, and you've got my filming setup! It's super simple and sets up in seconds. 



Domains & Email

Google Domains

I get asked a few times per week where to buy domains, and Google is always my go-to.  They have reasonable pricing, great tools, and super easy setup. It also integrates very easily with GSuite.


GSuite offers domain-branded email ( and offers a ton of other tools for your business. They are always my go-to for any business looking to uplevel and streamline.

*While I use and love all of these products and services, I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links.